Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Just What I Needed

 Some days, you stumble onto the very message you need to hear.  Maybe it's  not a fortuitous stumble, but that miracle of the universe giving you what you need.  This week, Jess at A Diary of a Mom sent out words to those of us parents with kids with special challenges.  I read Jess's blog regularly, and relate so often to the events and feelings she talks about.  But this post and this post were exactly what what I needed this week.  Thank you, Jess.

Do you know a parent of a child with special needs?  Please send them to Jess's "Dear You" posts.  Or print them out and hand them to them with a big hug.  Or pop them in the mail.  But trust me, they need to hear Jess's words.  They really do. 


  1. Thanks for writing about these posts. Our grand-daughter has Williams Syndrome and she has the best Mum and Dad she could have and is so well looked after. But I worry about who looks after Mum and Dad and keeps them strong, Jess's posts will help.

  2. And also, you rock because, whilst you are busy doing all the other things you rock at, you are also one rockin' friend!