Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Chuck and I

I am feeling quite empowered these days.  Last week was about wielding a paintbrush (Emplowerment Phase 1) -- this week it has been power tools (Phase 2) What is it about using a power drill or screw-driver that is so exciting? 

I installed shelving in my newly-rosy office.

(Note here to any Black & Decker people reading this:  When you write the instructions for operating the drill, please identify what the "chuck" is on the drill.  When one --ahem-- is new at this, one reads the instructions to find out how to use the tool.  And repeated references to the "chuck" without ever identifying "the chuck" is hardly helpful.  I figured it out, no thanks to the written materials. Chuck and I are good buddies, now.)

I also assembled a small flat-pack bookcase which holds boring and unattractive legal reference books in the closet.  So with Chuck's help (he not only  drills but he screws, too) I got that thing together in no time.

Today, I assembled a day bed which will double as a comfy lounging and reading place in the office, and guest accommodations.  As my first guest arrives on Friday, I have this thing together just in time.  Between getting it all assembled and then getting the whole thing made up, I figure I've accomplished my work-out for the day.

BUT THEN I went on to Empowerment Phase 3 -- electronics!  The CD/DVD player we've had for years finally bit the dust, and the new DVD player arrived today.  (They are surprisingly inexpensive now, and so tiny!)  So I unhooked the old thing, hooked up the new one, AND rearranged the components on the shelves so they fit better and look tidy.  Best of all, they all worked fine when I tried them out.

I have now thoroughly worn myself out so perhaps a test of the daybed for a trial nap is in order...


  1. Good for you! It's funny how feeling brave enough to try something like that makes you feel good! I just tried putting new ink in my printer, and everything went fine.

  2. Good for you and "Chuck"! I know you will have many happy times together!

  3. I want to come and sleep in the day bed in the rosy room. Looks so inviting. I agree with you about Chuck - very illusive until you figure him out and then watch out.

  4. Your prowess never ceases to amaze me! Looking good, indeed!

  5. When I help (assist) my husband with a project--he expects me to find and hand over whatever he asks for.

    I think I know what a chuck does but can't remember what it looks like. My usual point of attack is to keep handing him things until he looks for the part himself--or I get it right. Eventually.