Saturday, June 22, 2013

Too much fun to blog...

I have been the worst blogger over the past months, due to life taking some unexpected turns. But now, I'm glad to report, that I'm off on a road trip (a "drive-about," my friend Alan calls it) and I've been so busy having a good time that I've not had time to write about what I've been doing.

However, I've had my trusty camera with me, so here are a few pictures. Here's the sweet bed and breakfast where I stayed in Ashland, Oregon, called Anne Hathaway's B&B:

Here's a scene from beautiful Lithia Park in Ashland where I sat and sketched for a bit:

Here's what I now know to be Table Rock, which I spotted from the freeway somewhere between Ashland and Portland:

My friend Terry Grant and I had a lovely time sketching together at the Lu San Chinese garden in Portland:

I'm now in Port Townsend visiting friends and enjoying the gorgeous scenery and having all sorts of fun. I'll continue on my drive-about to hit some other places over the next week, and perhaps I'll have more time to catch up here.



  1. Your are visiting some of my favorite places! Have a grand time and travel safely,


  2. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Who? I'm here in PT too! Moved last October, love this place.