Sunday, September 22, 2013

I Need a Barn

I had a lovely day yesterday.  Over the last year, I've been helping my friend Paula learn to quilt.  Well, I helped her with her first two, which were for twin grandbabies.  Since then, I haven't done anything other than marvel in delight and amazement at how eagerly she has taken to it. She's made about a quilt a month since then, and has recently completed a small art quilt which just floored me with its delicate artistry and beautiful stitching.  It's always fun to share the love of quilting and recruit a new member to the club -- but it's been truly inspiring to see how her excitement has led her so far so fast.

And yesterday, Paula invited me to join her for a sewing day at her sister-in-law's house.  So I met Marge, another sister-in-law Pat, and several other very nice women, and we sat together visiting and working on our respective projects.  Quilters are such nice people -- I heard it said often, but it's true.  And quilting with others is enriching on so many levels.  I love feeling the echo of women through the years, working with fabric together.

Marge hosted our get-together in the barn on her property.  (That is not it above; that's an old barn I drive by frequently and love for its elegant aging.)  Her barn is really a modern workshop, built for her husband's garage and workshop activities some years back, but clean and bright and suitable for all sorts of purposes.  It was a warm but rainy day yesterday, so we had the big garage-type door open and had the pleasant sense of enjoying the outdoors without being outdoors.  Marge had laid down carpet remnants and set up big tables and it was perfect.

I know I'm lucky to have a dedicated bedroom to use for quilting, so I can make my messes and leave it all there in progress when I need to turn my attention to something else.  But gosh, I get such a thrill when I see the big spaces that some folks have for their work -- basements or full attic spaces or, yes, barns. 

So I am thinking today that I need a barn.  Maybe my garage has a new life ahead for itself.  Who knows?!


  1. My friend Kate has a "barn" on her property where she does her quilting. It's sort of connected to the house. One day she noticed an odd rattling in her iron. Eventually she realized it was a chunk of ice in the water reservoir. The barn isn't heated.

  2. I've been to that barn! GRIN! And I hadn't been in Maine long before I realized that we have 2-car garages now. A century or two ago, folks had 2-horse (or more, or smaller) barns. Same thing, different era, different name!

  3. Marge's barn isn't heated either so we won't be quilting in a group until things warm up again. It's been such a delight to have Diane as my mentor and friend. I'm a happy quilter when my Sister-In-Law and my friend are sewing with me! I come away inspired every single time :)

  4. Diane, thanks for giving me permission to paint this and giving me more info on the barn!