Thursday, June 19, 2014

Pucker Up!

The good news: I think I've sorted out how to combine images and lettering to design quilt labels.

And I have a good handle on transferring the design to the machine so it's ready to embroider.


The bad news: I really have to improve the pucker situation.  I now know that all of these required tension adjustments that I didn't make (most likely, loading the bobbin a bit differently) , and probably should have been hooped a bit differently too.

But  it's progress, and frankly getting these done felt like such an ordeal that I'm not ready to do them over again.  But perhaps in a day or two I'll be ready to take it on again. 

There is definitely a learning curve to this machine embroidery. 


  1. These are superb Diane... I wouldn't be offended by the puckers but then, my quilts aren't in the same league as yours! Very creative!

  2. Would using stabilizer help? Could always use one that dissolves if you did not want to leave it there.

  3. The labels are gorgeous! I think the puckering is not a tension issue but a stabilizer issue. Try hooping with 2 sheets instead of one. Thanks for sharing. I love the blog.