Friday, November 20, 2015

Just like potato chips...

This book-making thing is like eating potato chips.  I make one... (you can see the inside here)

 and I immediately want to make another.  (Inside views here.)

And along the way, I've collected so much fun paper and goodies to put in them that I realize that I have supplies to make more, so I do another.  (Inside views here.)

but that barely makes a dent in the Bin of Wonderful Paper Goodness, so I make yet another. (Inside views here.)

And as long as I'm cutting and punching and stacking, I might as well do another. (Inside views here.)

And then I discover yet another pack of delightfully charming Christmas paper, and I might as well use it now rather than wait another year.  (Inside views here).

 And next thing I know, I've got a satisfying stack of Christmas journals and every one is different.  They make me very happy. 

But really, I'm not going to use them all.  So all but the first inspiration book are up on my Etsy shop.  And it makes me happy to see them lined up there, too. 

Strangely, I still wanting to make more, and I haven't yet exhausted the stash of Christmas paper.

At least these are salt and calorie free. 

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