Sunday, April 17, 2016

Making, making, making!

Hello, friends!  I have been a busy artist over the last few weeks. I got caught up in a book-making frenzy and away I went. Does that happen to you? It's as if something takes me over and my mind is filled with ideas and plans. And my studio/sewing room looks like a tornado hit and flung bits of paper everywhere.

But I was on a mission and a little mess does not deter me. No sir! I was greatly motivated by the fact that I'm about to head off on my regular quilt retreat, and when I went last fall I got quite a few requests for more of my crazy "jumbly journals." So now I have a big box of books to share with my retreat buddies.

I made a bunch of sewing-themed ones, as the retreat is mainly a quilting retreat and we're all hard-core sewists. (It's awkward to write "sewers."  Because, well, SEWER.)   I had a great time making book covers collaged with old sewing patterns.

I didn't do a flip-through video of these but if any are left when I return, I'll put them up on my Etsy shop and add a video. I love gathering sewing-related papers and bits of ephemera.

And I had a specific request for some travel journals, so I made a few of those:

If you want to see inside, you can take a look at this flip-through video of one of the books:  

And then I decided to make some books featuring the ranch where our retreats are held. I've written about it before -- it's The Bishop's Ranch in Healdsburg, California (about an hour north of San Francisco) and it's a gorgeous, peaceful place. I used photos I've taken there over the years to feature in these books.

In case you want to see inside one of them, here's a video:


And then, well, just because I had it started and it's April and summer is just around the corner, I finished up a beach-themed book, too. 

Something about red, navy and aqua says beach to me, not sure why.  

By the way, someone asked me recently if I made custom books. YES! I do! I'll make journals on a custom theme for a special person or occasion. I can use photos you provide, colors, themed materials, etc. Email me if you are interested! 

At any rate, I've cleaned up the paper mess in my studio, switched over to fabric-mode, and now I'm gathering up quilting supplies for a very fun week ahead. 

I hope your week is filled with lots of making, too!


  1. You are a whirlwind! The books are so wonderful. You really planted that seed in me. I'm looking for a local class and collecting ideas from Pinterest!

  2. So much fun to make journals like these. I took MaryAnn Moss's class online "Remains of the Day" to learn how to make these kind of books. These turned out beautifully, I am sure your quilter friends will love them.

  3. I love seeing all these books all lined up!
    The I have from the Ranch is getting filled up
    so fast. See you at the retreat and keep making
    these little gems!

  4. A dozen books by my count... WOW! Thy creativity runeth over!

    and I love the term sewist... I just have to correct the autocorrect when it replaces the w with an x!

  5. Great books! Now to find time, space, etc. to attempt my own making! I am so inspired.