Friday, November 24, 2017

Need a good fabric sale?

I have been sewing long enough to remember when the precut fat quarter was a brand new idea. And it was such an appealing way to sell (or more importantly, BUY) fabric... No waiting in line to have a piece cut from a bolt, no big expense, no decision on how much to buy. You found a little precut fat quarter -- that little bit of fabric that fit so neatly in your hand, to tuck right into a purse, and $2 later it was yours. What a brilliant idea. They always tempted me. A fat quarter didn't require you to know what you intended to make with it. You'd spot one of some fabric that just drew you to it, and it was already a tidy little piece to pick up and take home.

And then precuts came along. Jelly rolls and layer cakes and charm packs! (For my non-quilting readers, those are bundled 2.5" strips, 10" squares, and 5"inch squares.)  Oh, how I love precut bundles. Even while I know that what makes a quilt truly unique is the quiltmaker's selection of fabrics -- that completely personal decision about what looks good with what -- there is something so delightful about a neat bundle of coordinated fabrics, tied up with a little bow. They are just so appealing!  I've made a lot of quilts from precut fabrics, and they make quilting so easy. Pieces are cut! It looks great together! And it's easy to add in a few more personal selections to create that unique fabric combination even when I start with a precut assortment.

I have a hard time resisting when there are precut fabrics on sale. This weekend there are some great deals out there. So in case you feel about precuts the way I do, and you need to add to your fabric stash, maybe for some holiday gift making, here are some links to some great sales this weekend:

Fat Quarter Shop

20% off everything friday and saturday! I love this online shop -- great fabric assortment, wonderful precuts, and Kim Jolly does great videos on Youtube, too.

Fabric Worm 

25% off everything -- not just precuts -- until 11 pm PST on Monday 11/27.

Lady Belle Fabric   

Lots of great sale prices, through midnight on Monday, 11/27.

Pink Castle Fabrics 

30% off everything! Ends midnight Monday, 11/27.


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