Friday, September 07, 2018

Random Friday Life

Most mornings, I make my coffee in my favorite keep-warm-for-hours mug and then head out to the patio to sit and read for a bit while I sip.  Starlie hops up onto the loveseat next to me to work on her two morning chew treats.

I used to start by reading the NY Times, but nowadays the news is so distressing that I don't really want to read about it in detail. I briefly tried using the Ipad's News app which mixes topical news with celebrity and entertainment news, but I decided it was still too much information about upsetting political events. So lately I've been starting with Twitter. Not exactly a news source, but I have a lot of Washington Post and NY Times journalists on my feed so if there's something new going on, they usually mention it and I can go look for more info, or not.  NOT is usually my choice these days.

Can I just say -- Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post is amazing and worth reading. She's billed as a journalist with a "center right perspective" (and I would say I have a strong left perspective) but she's been writing strong opinion pieces. You can find her here, or on twitter as  @JRubinBlogger. I always appreciate hearing what she has to say.

The last few mornings have been gloriously cool and gray. One of the things I love about living where I do in Northern California is that I am close enough to the ocean to get some morning fog. It is usually gone by 9am, but it makes for a cozy morning. I've even had to put on my flannel robe on over the last few mornings. I think I detect a nip of fall in the air.

No, I will not do Pumpkin Spice anything until October. It is just too soon.
I was craving some tv or movie to pull me in and engross me, and came across "Deep Water," a short Australian series about a detective looking into old murders of gay men from the 1980's.  It was very, very good. There is something about watching a show or movie set in another country that I love... the accents, the visuals of what that place looks like, even the police procedural stuff fascinates me. How police cars look in different countries! How their sirens sound! How their officers dress!Anyway, I blew through that in two nights and enjoyed the mini-binge. 

That show led me to one I started last night, called The Code -- another Australian thriller series about how the investigation of a car crash leads to a complex political mystery. More disturbing, to me anyway, I think because there is a character on the Autism spectrum and the way he is treated is hard to see at times. But I'll keep going. Looks like there are 2 seasons' worth.   

Work ahead today... On fridays I like to take my laptop and work at a local coffee place. Healdsburg has several so I have good and comfortable choices. I like working at different locations -- somehow, I concentrate differently when I do not have Starlie staring at me or bringing me toys, or the phone ringing, or the lure of more fun things to do all around me.

Then, when I've put in my work hours, there will be quilting. I'm machine quilting a project that is taking forever and it is taking serious inner talk to remind myself that I LIKE THE PROCESS and to relax and enjoy it.

Happy friday, friends!


  1. Thanks for the show recommendations. I have added them to my list. Your schedule sounds really enjoyable!

  2. Starlie a distraction? Say it isn't so :)