Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Block, block, where's the block?

I've mentioned before that I'm in this ongoing design workshop. Several weeks ago, our task was to take a traditional block and use its structure to design and sew a new block. I made this:

The current task is to do something with the block that is nontraditional...that is, not just make it the center of a medallion, or make a straight forward quilterly grid with it.

I started thinking about the idea of doing something that hides the block, sort of. So, I started playing with Electric Quilt 5, which is great for design projects like this. You can try things out and get a sense of how they'll look without lots of cutting and sewing.

I played a bit with the idea of using the block but having it nibbled away in various stages and came up with this:

But yikes! I I really, really don't want to sew that! Still, it was fun to try it out and see how it'd look.

Now I'm thinking of cutting up the block and going from there. I've printed out copies of the block on the computer and will cut up PAPER versions before I cut up the block I so carefully pieced!

And, by the way, I want to thank EVERYONE who commented or emailed me about my last entry on Caroline's social issues at school. We are talking, talking, talking, and you gave me useful ideas to work with. Cathy Stewart pointed me to information on gifted girls, and I've done a lot of reading in the last two days. The issues Caroline is dealing with, and the way she responds to them, are PRECISELY the things addressed in the research regarding social and emotional issues for gifted girls in elementary school! So, I've gotten a lot of information and ideas and will be exploring a lot of avenues in the near future. Thanks again, everyone, for the kind and thoughtful support!


Gerrie said...

Yowza! Is this what you are doing with the star block for Marilyn's class.

teri springer said...

I LOVE that piece. Yes, it would be a lot of work but, wow.

Please keep us posted on Caroline....and let her know she has a whole fan club here on the net.