Friday, March 17, 2006

Neighbors and Friends

Well, I solved the dilemma of whether to give the quilt with Guatemalan fabric in it to Silvia or keep it for myself. I made another one! Brilliant, no?

Actually, I was buzzing away on the large quilt (which turned out larger than I'd originally envisioned for a gift) and thinking I really, really, REALLY wanted to keep it, when it occurred to me that I had enough extra blocks and already-cut pieces to make a smaller one to give away.

Could I do it in 24 hours? Of course. I had the top pieced by lunchtime, then got it layered and quilted after lunch, in time to start hand-sewing the binding at Starbucks while Caroline was at her drama class at 4pm. I even got to get in some sewing-binding-in-front-of-a-movie time at night, which is one of my favorite parts of making a quilt! (I watched "In Her Shoes" with Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette... okay, pleasant, but not great.)

This is still good sized, 41" x 46", actually. I even got a label on it. I've named it "Neighbors and Friends" and on the label, it says "Although we live in different countries, we share the same neighborhood in our hearts." Hokey, I know.

So, I was rather impressed with myself. Caroline's cat Jasmine kept me company for much of the day, but was rather blase about my accomplishments.

By the way, this is the softest cat in the universe...her fur is like bunny fur. And that thing she's sleeping on? That's "Neighbors and Friends 2," which I'm keeping...It's unbound as of yet, but I'll get to that shortly.


Deborah said...

Brilliant. I did the same thing with a baby quilt recently. I had more blocks than I needed, so I made a second. So productive! Especially since I wouldn't have gotten around to doing anything with those extra blocks anyway. I love the houses, the fabric, and the sentiment on the label!

Debra said...

Brilliant. Simply brilliant. I love the pattern of this quilt and may have to steal it!! The spouse loves stripes/plaids/hawaiian.. I wonder if I could find the fabrics to make that all work for a quilt for him?

Good to see you sewing again.

Jo Griffith said...

Very cool quilt. Love it!