Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Great Quilting Art in Quilting Arts

I finally got the new issue of Quilting Arts magazine, and I was thrilled to see Liz Berg's gorgeous quilt on the cover!

I grabbed the mail yesterday on my way to take Caroline to her drama class (imagine, the 10 year old Drama Princess actually being able to USE her skills in a kids' acting workshop! She loves it!) so instead of rushing around town running errands while she was in class, I treated myself to a peaceful 90 minutes with a cup of tea and this new issue!

I am SO happy to see Liz's art on the cover and inside. I am in awe of Liz's composition style and her use of simple shapes with such elegance. So I was even more thrilled to find the article on composition by Liz inside. It was terrific, with excellent photo example. I can't wait for the next installment! Congrats, Liz!


Deborah said...

I haven't had the chance to read through it yet, but of course, I too am in love with Liz's work. I'm thrilled with the postcard of hers that I got through Virginia Spiegle. You know another blogger, Melanie Testa, is in this issue too!

teri springer said...

I finally received my issue Monday. Still haven't had time to really digest it. So happy I already am the proud owner of one of Liz's works. Her simplicity is so elegant and arresting.....

Three cheers for Melly too!!


lizzieb said...

Thank you so much, Diane, for the big plug! It was fun to see you today. I have to have my picture taken in front on the display so I can post it on my blog! I haven't even gotten the cover up there yet and you beat me to it. And, by the way, today I sold the kelp piece that was in the magazine. And, 3 people wanted to take my picture in front of the quilt! What a hoot!