Saturday, March 04, 2006

Chuckles in view

I've been sitting here at my computer a LOT over the last couple of days. Work is now officially under control, with three (count em!) big projects sent off by lunchtime yesterday.

Right next to my computer monitor is a bulletin board, and I thought I'd share a few of my favorite cartoons which are posted there to make me smile whenever I see them.

"What's the 'Death by Chocolate?'"

(If you don't get this, look closely at table in the upper right-hand corner.)

This cartoon has been near my computer ever since I was the only female partner in a law firm:

She's saying, "And I'm sure no one will mind if we fold a few clothes while we talk."

"Somewhere along the line, our sewing circle took a strange turn." I just LOVE this one.

And here's a panel from a cartoon in the New Yorker at some point by one of my favorite cartoonists, Roz Chast. It was a full panel of newly identified psychological disorders. This one describes me to a T:

"Financial Information Disorder (FID): You like money and wish you had more of it. But the minute you hear 'Capital Gains Tax' your eyeballs roll back in your head."


Frances said...

thanks Diane for Sunday morning Chuckles

mathea said...

Thanks for sharing, I got a good laugh from these. You have a wicked sense of humour - just like me ;-)

Joanne S said...

Great cartoons. I'd keep them nearby also!