Sunday, March 19, 2006

Odds and Ends

This weekend has been all about getting little stuff done.

I delivered Silvia's quilt to her on Saturday, and she got tears in her eyes when she saw it. That was nice to see! She's probably back in Guatemala by now, but we'll see her and her family in November when they return for another visit, so that'll be nice.

I got the binding put on MY Neighbors and Friends 2 quilt, and even got a movie in while doing it. Roger and I watched "The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," odd but charming and interesting in the same way that "Being John Malkovich" was. Funny, quirky, serious, and strange.

We delivered Caroline's science project to the science fair, too. She did her project on whether ponies can learn how to find a carrot! She did a careful experiement with 3 of the ponies at the stable where she takes her lesson, and made a great poster board with photos of the ponies being tested. She decorated the whole thing with construction paper carrots.

And when we got home, she was so thrilled with science that she just HAD to make a flour/salt/water volcano with bubbling lava (a vinegar/baking soda reaction). She had fun doing that while I made a batch of spicy barbecue sauce for tonight's dinner... The volcano was exciting, for all of about 5 seconds of foaming lava.

Oh well. I was able to convince her that it'd be FUN to wash the dishes. She's still young enough to be a bit gullible.


Caitlin said...

For years my parents gave me the choice of doing dishes or paino practice. Took me a long time to realise they WANTED me to do the piano practice! I'm still not fond of doing dishes, will you lend Caroline?!?!

mary m. said...

She sounds like a smart one, that Caroline!

teri springer said...

She'll figure it out! Dishes are still my least favorite job! I'd rather clean the toilets.

So, did the ponies do?? I figure pretty short learning curve. Ponies are notoriously smart and devious little stinkers. Can you tell I've had them?? Oh the stories I can tell.....Yet, I was still dumb enough to buy my oldest son one.