Saturday, September 30, 2006

Primp My Ride

Yesterday was all about cars. Roger and I spent the better part of the day test-driving, which meant actually dealing with car lot sales people. That's always a risky enterprise. Some are just so hard to get away from.

But the day was a success. We narrowed the field down to one option, the Acura MDX, and I'm totally in love with it (in the way women love a car, but not in that way men love cars.) Here it is, in the very color we've chosen, known as Desert Rock Metallic.

I know, it probably doesn't seem glamorous. But when what would really work is a mini-van, and I simply refuse to drive a minivan (it's a gut reaction thing to those sliding doors, I think), this is a pretty fancy option (hence the "primp" thing above!). This is sort of a cross-over between an SUV and a luxurious station wagon, with a decent third-row seat for when I drive my quilting friends to bay area quilt shows or haul various kids on field trips.

Hey, Pat--this "way back" isn't as "way back" as my current car!

And look at that sunroof! I haven't had a sunroof since I was a footloose, child-free working woman.

It was an exhausting day. It started when a fairly manic woman at the Mercury dealership took us out for a test-drive in a Mountaineer (a fancied up Explorer) and the battery died, leaving us stranded and requiring that someone else come from the dealership come rescue us. Roger and I had a few panicky moments when we were trapped in the car, waiting for rescue, while the lady took the opportunity to give us a tour of the vehicle's interior features. Yikes! We weren't impressed by the car to begin with, and couldn't get out of that dealership fast enough once we were finally retrieved by another salesperson (driving a Hyundai, no less).

Then, we came home and I spent the late afternoon and evening talking my dear salesmen friends at dealerships within a 150 mile radius. What's a 2-hour drive to pick up the car if you can save $50 per month on the car payment?! By the time the wheelin' and dealin' was done, I was feeling empowered and exhausted. Turns out our local dealer was willing to match the best deal, so I'm headed there today to sign the papers. Gotta get those "end of the month" papers done to get the best deals, I guess.

But I'm thrilled. Ooh, and I did I mention that this has heated seats in the front? Highly useful here in California (!), but a thrill nonetheless.


  1. Yep, you found one of the key motivators to getting a good deal on a car: buy at the end of the month.

    Nice vehicle there. When you bring your quilter friends down this way for a day of shopping or whatever, please let me know. I'd love to join ya'll

  2. I've been mourning the demise of the station wagon for years. Funny how "SUV's" are slowing morphing back into station wagons, which I take delight in pointing out to my adult children who did time in an Olds Cutlass Cruiser in their youth. Yippee! Vindication is sweet.

  3. Hi, I drive a mini van which is 7 years old and would love a new SUV.
    Good luck and enjoy your new ride.

  4. Anonymous11:41 AM

    This is a great car buying story...would you be willing to post this on Ask Patty -- Automotive Advice for Women to encourage our many women consumer readers??

    Send it to

    Joduy DeVere
    Ask Patty

  5. I hate buying a car. I always feel like I am getting ripped off. The ones around here won't give you a price over the phone, and when you go in, you have to accept the price offered while you are there, otherwise it is taken away and you have to start the negotiation process all over again.
    LOL that is pretty bad when your test drive car can't take you around the block. At least you found out quickly.
    Congratulations on your new car! It's always nice to get new wheels.

  6. That's funny that they picked you up in a Hyundai. We have a Hyundai with the "warm butt seats" as we refer to them. In Michigan, I have to say, those seats are a blessing in the winter. Definitely want that option on MY next car.

  7. Anonymous4:21 AM

    Hi, found you thru Ask Patty.

    Nice SUV! I love that color.

    And now you've got me thinking about the different ways men and women love cars. :-)