Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sound the trumpet!

Caroline came bouncing out of her classroom this afternoon. Today was the first band lesson and she has elected to learn the trumpet. She is thrilled.

As luck would have it, I bought the giant sized bottle of Advil at Costco yesterday, so we are prepared.


  1. Anonymous8:03 PM

    Diane, I read your blog everyday, enjoy it VERY much! This post hit home here, I have 4 girls, they all started band in 4th grade(I'm near Boston). I still remember the first time I 'heard' band class. Never have I laughed so hard, not one of the 20 something kids was playing the same note or song! Those teachers deserved BIG bucks for that job!. In our town ( Stoughton, MA)the band is the pride of the town, they come in first place every single time and have for the 20 years I have had kids in there. The teachers are wonderful and the kids get so much out of it.So I advise you to put the iPod on, it's a long ride but well worth it....

  2. Oh, a band girl! I was one - played the clarinet. This is great!

  3. hahahahaahaaa! I am dying laffing. I am recalling the days when my mother decided to teach my brother, my cousins and myself how to play the trumpet, cornet, and e flat baritone. I manned the trombone. NO KIDDING. We played Sousa marches, badly, and learned pretty much how to blow in unison.

    Those were the days.