Thursday, January 17, 2008

My desk, etc.

Helen tagged me to show my work desk. Oh dear! At least she caught me in a relatively tidy period... Usually there are a lot more work papers stacked up to the left of the keyboard. That's my "work in progress" area and usually it's a jumble of yellow legal pads, files, and miscellaneous papers. (It will shortly look like that, as I'm about to launch in to a big appellate brief project that promises to generate a lot of paper...)

This is one corner of my office/studio. I cram a lot of activity into this little room! That wall area over on the left? That's part of the funny design wall area I have, the best part of which disappears behind the door when it's open. (I can't tell you how many times I've had the door closed to pin something on the wall or to move things around and Roger has opened it right into me.)

Can you see the adorable dog piece Terri sent me a few weeks ago?

Those file drawers on the left are full of legal work stuff, and that section of shelving on the wall directly over the computer monitor contains the few legal books I need here for reference. All other legal research I do online, which certainly makes like easy. And you'll note the ever-present bottles of Crystal Geyser sparkling water on the desk... I drink bubbly water throughout the day.

To the right of my computer space is more STUFF -- lots of quilt books and magazines on the shelves, basket storage for fabric along the wall, a TV that keeps me company while I sew and putter.

When I sit at my desk and twirl my chair around, I see my sewing area. Presto -- I change from lawyer to quilt artist just like that. The closet behind the sewing chair is stuffed to the gills with fabric and supplies... I dare not open it it show you or things might start falling out. One of these weeks when I have nothing to do (ahem) I'll tidy it all up.

By the way, the table I use to sew on is actually a great find from a used office furniture store. It has one straight edge with regular corner and this rounded end. The lack of corners has saved me countless bruises, I'm quite sure.

So Brenda, now it's your turn to share your work area... to continue in the quilting lawyer house tour...


  1. It's quite fun looking at workspaces of others.

  2. Thank goodness, you didn't tag me! I clean it up and turn around and mess it up!!

  3. Wow, your desk area looks very ... energetic! LOL! ;0

  4. aka Sleen9:30 AM

    How cool! But...but...where are the stamps?


    What a great space you've got! I love the idea of baskets for fabric storage.

  5. Is that a bag of sweets just behind your healthy sparking water?! Also, whilst have spent a fair while (stalker like) examining enlarged photos of your room, the pictures are not sharp enough for me to read the spines of your books which I really wanted do! Be honest - do you rollover and have little mini quiting breaks in the day? Oh and I have amirror in my bedroom behind the door. The number of times I have been putting mascara on and Denhis has bashed the door open on me!

  6. That's actually a bag of T-Bonz dog treats behind my lamp, for when Gemma comes up and hangs out with me! (It's one way I lure her away if she's starting to bug one of the cats.) Oh my... you want a book list? You ARE a dedicated stalker.