Friday, April 29, 2005

Missing time

Where did the week go? I know I was here. But what did I do?

Funny, how some days (and weeks!) are like that...I can pass the time doing all sorts of things and feeling busy, but at the end of it I'm not sure what I've accomplished. So, here's a shot at a list of what I've done this week:

1. Recovered from 5 hours of dental work (fixing everything on one side of my mouth and extracting a tooth, in preparation for braces) (Hmm, now that I think about it, the 36+ hours on pain medication probably explain my feeling of fuzziness about what I was doing earlier in the week...)

2. Planted rose bushes in the garden

3. Made a start on researching a memo to suppress evidence in a criminal case, and on researching statute of limitations issues in an appropriation of trade secrets case

4. Figured out why the chapters Roger sent to his editor kept coming out on her computer with strange characters, and fixed that nasty problem (for which I was rewarded with Haagen-Daas chocolate peanut butter ice cream, my favorite)

5. Sorted out the clothes in Caroline's dresser to pull out the ones that are too small

6. Attended my art quilt group, The Pointless Sisters, got the new challenge underway, and came away inspired

7. Had lunch out with buddies Janet, Gerrie and Pat

8. Went to my book club dinner (known as "The No Guilt Book Club" because we refuse to feel guilty if we don't get around to discussing the book or even reading the month's selection in the first place)

9. Took Caroline to the new park in our neighborhood numerous times

10. Tried a new recipe: boneless chicken breasts stuffed with green chiles and jack cheese and baked in enchilada sauce... A keeper.

11. Cut out pieces of Guatemalan and American striped fabrics for a Kaffe Fassett style quilt to send to my friend Silvia in Guatemala (photos to come when it's together)

12. Sandwiched my contemporary double wedding ring quilt and decided on the quilting design (I'm hoping I'll start on the actual quilting tomorrow).

13. Enjoyed a "family movie night" with Caroline and Roger as we ate chinese food and watched "A Series of Unfortunate Events" (which we all really liked).

14. Did a bazillion loads of laundry.

There. I feel better... I did do something!

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  1. Ah sorting out the too small clothes. It never seems to end. Do you ever think of making something with those discarded items? I've been drawn to the pockets of worn out jeans lately. Loved seeing the Pointless Sister pix on Gerrie's blog.