Sunday, May 01, 2005

Time for a miracle

I have spent some time this weekend working on quilting my contemporary double wedding quilt, which looks like this:

Well, the top seemed nice and flat at the ironing board...but in the sandwiching process, I discovered that -- probably due to all those curves and biases -- the top wasn't as flat as it should be. Still, I forged ahead... when in doubt, keep going. That's my motto, which does not always serve me well.

I ditch-stitched around the circles. REALLY isn't flat. So, I've done tight stippling all over the blue background, and have decided to put my faith in the miracles that a good, damp blocking can work. I will block it tomorrow, flatten out (I hope) the somewhat puffy rings, and THEN add minimal quilting to them.

Wish me luck. I'm pinning my hopes on a miracle blocking experience.


  1. It's beautiful and the blocking sounds completely logical. I'm predicting a miracle. Is it to hang in your home? Or is it a gift?

  2. So, Diane....Tomorrow is now today. Did you get time to block the quilt? Did it work? (Or is it too soon to tell?) Hope's lovely!

  3. This is really lovely, regardless of any poofiness! The design and the use of colors from the opposite sides of the color wheel are very effective.

  4. Flat or not, it looks fantastic. The colours are gorgeous!

  5. It's gorgeous! I like the design.