Saturday, May 14, 2005

Wanting a Piece O' Cake

No, I didn't make this. Becky Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins, of "Piece O' Cake Designs," did. It's in their new book, "Quilts with a Spin," and it was also on a cover of a recent Quilters Newsletter Magazein. I love those circles!

You see, I’ve been in the mood to sew something easy and mindless. You know, where you can sit at the sewing machine with good music or tv in the background, and just grab fabric and sew without making decisions.

This sort of mood is generally reflective of having to think too much in my non-quilting life! I have a lot of work on my desk... I did finish that appellate brief, and on time without any “all-nighters,” so that was good. Now I have three simultaneous projects: an intellectual property case, a criminal case in which I have to do some motions to exclude evidence, and a products liability civil case involving a defective cement form hoisting mechanism. They’re all fairly interesting (well, I guess interesting is a relative me, it could be far worse) and I like the variety.

But as a result of all this thinking, I want stress-free sewing. As much as I love the design wall designing process, in this sort of mood I don’t want to have to constantly decide what I want where. I need slapdash, spontaneous stuff. No thinking, just sewing. Do you ever feel that way?

At times like these, I often pull out the large rubbermaid full of scraps at the bottom of the closet and sew crazy log cabin type blocks, which I then use for quilts to donate to a local children’s shelter. They’re fun, happy, and mindless. But I’ve done a lot of those in recent months, so I’m up for something else.

A month or two ago, Quilters Newsletter magazine had a quilt on the cover, made by the Piece O’ Cake ladies. It features circles that have 3 rings in them, and each ring is paper pieced with gaily colored stripes. It’s happy and whimsical and it looks mindless. So, that’s where I’m headed today. I copied the paper piecing foundations, and I’ve pulled out happy fabric to mix with the scrap strips I have, and that’s my plan for the afternoon.

And no, I'm not gonna do any applique, on the border or elsewhere. I do have my limits.

Happy weekend, y’all!

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  1. Diane that design is so scrumptious, it rilly rilly tempts me to play with the idea. I think a short rectangle cut at an angle down the center might make a convincing enough wedge to accomplish a similar effect. ooohhh, I think I may have to try. Thanks for the inspiration.