Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Binding interruptus

I always look forward to sewing the binding onto a quilt. Partly, it's the knowledge that I'm almost done. But it's largely that I use it to indulge myself with a particularly enjoyable binding ritual. I plan time during the day, in the morning, preferably, find a good movie or something otherwise engrossing on tv, and treat myself to a few hours to sit and sew in front of the tv. It's peaceful, and I love it.

Apparently, this ritual of mine is jinxed. I wrote a while ago of my frustrations trying to bind one quilt. But today was worse.

Having stretched and blocked the heck out of my contemporary double wedding ring quilt, and quilted it profusely until it actually was flat, I was delighted to get to the binding stage. I planned to use this morning to sit, watch a movie (I was aiming for Bridget Jones 2) and sew. I've enjoyed making this quilt, but it's had various delays while I've pondered how to solve a few problems that arose. So, coming to the end of it is especially satisfying and worthy of indulgence.

No sooner did I sit down, thread the needle, and get the movie fired up did the phone ring. Now, I'm no fool. I figure that if I'm going to be indulgent, then I'm going all the way. I let the phone ring until the answering machine picked up.

Uh oh. I heard the voice of Bob, the attorney for whom I do research and writing. His message? "Just wanted to make sure that you're on target to get the brief filed on Monday."

BRIEF? WHAT BRIEF? Talk about taking the fun out of the morning. I lunged for the phone, breathlessly pretending to Bob that I'd just come in from outside... to learn that somehow his secretary had neglected to send me a copy of a scheduling order from the state supreme court stating that MONDAY is the deadline for filing an appellate brief I'd agreed to do. I knew the appeal was pending, but had no idea that the court had issued its schedule. Geez.

So, the quilt is unbound, Bridget Jones 2 remains unseen... and now I'm writing an appellate brief for the New Hampshire Supreme Court. Not a small task. Still, if I put my head down and just work straight through until Sunday night, I think it'll get done and be okay.

So, if you don't hear from me until Monday, you'll know why.

But on Tuesday, don't call me. I'm gonna sit and watch a movie and sew.


  1. I'm so sorry that your relaxation time has gone AWOL. Hope everything works out fine and you can enjoy your movie on Tuesday.

  2. I think I'd rather write a brief than sew a binding! I have a piece with just binding to do that has been languishing for an embarrassingly long time (year plus?).

    Anyway, the quilt is GORGEOUS! Thanks for sharing!

    (LOL - my great grandfather was a judge on the NH supreme court! Talk about small world!)