Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Stripping fun

I've been having such a good time with my mindless paper piecing project! First, I pulled out all of my bright polka dots and arranged them. Don't they look pretty?

Here are the "lights."

I'm paper piecing arcs for my circle project...Here's one.

And look! I've done a whole bunch!

They're very fun and happy. And, as I keep saying, totally brainless. Gee, I have so many strips cut, I'll just have to keep going...and going...and going...


  1. so awesome! love them! What is that contraption you have the stips hanging on?

  2. Ha! It's a sweater drying rack that I bought from a catalog ages folds or lies flat to put over the bathtub so you can lay sweaters out to dry. I had it out to dry sweaters recently, and as I was putting it away (and after I'd cut strips and tumbled them all into a big messy bin) I had the bright idea of putting them on this. We'll see how long they stay so neat and tidy! But it looks good now, huh?!

  3. What an absolutely lovely thing to be doing on this ver, very, very rainy day!! Love those bright colors.

  4. Dots Amore!
    I want this quilt when you are finished. Or sooner. Or I may just settle for a big picture of all your pieced arcs. Like so I can drool privately.
    My favorite thing is lotsa color close together. You are making it right before my very eyes.

    O and could you clear everything off that rack so we can completely see it and buy one for ourselves?

  5. PS. We four gals would have such a great time together...someday

  6. I love the fabric. My head hit the keyboard. FABULOUS. That rack is to die for also. I have one, but it doesn't have as many rungs as yours. I'm jealous, again.

  7. Those pieces are way too cool!! I want!! I want!!

    I used to have that sweater rack, and I .....sob...


    Oh, the insanity...