Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Email as Fiction

I got into bed last night with a new novel from the library. It's called "Dear Stranger, Dearest Friend" by Laney Katz Becker. I'd pulled it off the shelf because it promised to be the story of a friendship unfolding between two women as they corresponded with each other. I love books written through letters and journal entries.

Anyway, I got about half-way through and only put it down because it was midnight and I was too tired. But I wanted to keep reading. The novel involves a woman who posts a message on a breast cancer internet message board because she discovers a lump, and the email relationship she develops with a breast cancer survivor who answers her. The story unfolds through their emails.

It's easy reading -- as easy as reading email! -- and it's interesting, poignant, and personal. My sister has survived breast cancer, as have several friends, so it hits subjects and emotions very close to home.

And it reminds me of how surprisingly easy it can be to make friends -- even close friends -- through email. I'm so glad for my friends, and the new ones I've made (and am making) through the Artful Quilters Web Ring.

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  1. I belonged to a sisterhood board for 5 years and I use to say some of them where my bestest friends that I've never met. But through gatherings to meet and hangout...I left that board with a handful of very groovy close real sistah spirit relationships which it seems we known one another a life time.