Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I'd rather be reading...

Life has not been about quilting lately, to my disappointment.

Nor have I been able to just curl up with a good book and lose the afternoon to reading. Isn't pleasure reading in the daytime one of the ultimate luxuries of adult life? (And check out this site of gorgeous art featuring women reading!)

Instead, life has been about legal research (whether adult parents are liable when their adult son accidentally shoots someone while target practicing at his parents' home), housework (you don't want to know details, do you?), school stuff (planning the holiday party, and coordinating PTO events), bathroom repairs (discovering that the well-timed temper tantrum can be effective in yanking reluctant contractors into line), holiday preparations (the UPS guy is stopping daily to deliver online-ordered gift items), and dog-romping (a tired puppy is a happy puppy with a happy owner).

Really, I'd rather be reading. Or reading and sipping a Starbuck's gingerbread latte.

Maybe quilting tomorrow?

Oh, and by the way, if you haven't already done so and are a member of the Artful Quilters Web Ring, put yourself on our map by clicking here:
It's fun to see where we all are!


  1. That's a beautiful site, wonderful paintings, thanks for sharing it!
    Well, I managed to post not one, but two photos on Frappr. Sorry! Jen

  2. Anonymous4:41 AM

    Hi Diane, I went to Frappr and listed myself but, how the heck do you view the map with members listed?? I get a map but no names.