Friday, December 02, 2005

Our baby is growing

I'm proud to announce that the Artful Quilters Web Ring hit 110 members today! The ring is approaching its FIRST BIRTHDAY (Jan. 5), can you believe it?

As always, it's so fun to read through the ring and see what others are doing. When I'm in a non-art-quilting slump (like now) it's encouraging and inspiring to see what others are doing. And I love hearing about everyone's lives, how we all share the jumble of trying to create and take care of families and deal with houses and work and animals and fun adventures and holidays. So, before too long, make yourself a cup of coffee or tea and take the time to look through the ring. Start at the bottom of the list and check out our newest members!

And put yourself on our frappr map by clicking on the frappr box to the right!


  1. Oh, pretty cool! I'll try to make time to check out the "new kids" this weekend!

    Hanging with you in slumpitude...

  2. Anonymous9:39 PM

    Lets have virtual cake and champagne!

  3. Diane, did you get my email about my blog's new address? Because I notice that the old one is still on the list details...


  4. Wow, a whole third page! Hope to spend some time there today. Once again, Diane, thanks for being list mom. Jen

  5. 110! Wow! I've been trying to start from the end of the ring backwards lately, just so I won't miss out on the new folks on the block!!