Saturday, December 03, 2005

Christmas Candy

I'm not sure why, but I'm in that mood again where I want to sew but don't want to think about it. And making art quilts is, for me, a thoughtful process. It requires looking and deciding what comes next and evaluating every step of the way. I love that process, but sometimes I'm just not in the mood.

And, since that's where I am now, I jumped in and started with my red/green Christmas-colors-but-not-Christmas-print fabrics. I settled on a block that just looked happy and fun to me, like a piece of candy. So I made this:

And next thing you know, there was this:

And pretty soon, I got all the way to this:

It's a happy holiday quilt for the couch in the family room. So today I'm piecing the back and hopefully will get it sandwiched so I can start quilting.

Not surprisingly, due to my tendency to buy more fabric than I need for any one project, I had leftovers of all of these fabrics...So different blocks are under way for another one. Very fun, very happy, and very mindless.

Fa la la la la...


  1. Oh! I really, really like this!! Christmasy, but not overtly so!

  2. Christmas Candy is the perfect title. I want one!!
    O the word verification was so funny today:Nukzerm.

  3. Anonymous6:44 AM

    I love this quilt, Diane! Christmas-y but fresh!

  4. Love it all, but especially the stripe and dot borders! Wonderful.

  5. I love them ! Cheery and perfect for the season.
    I also like making quilts like this. It is relaxing and satisfying in a completely different way than art. Jen

  6. So cheery and merry! I love it.

  7. Anonymous12:11 PM

    I love your Christmas Candy quilt - the striped inner board is so fun. Great job!

  8. Diane

    Like Deborah, I love the stripes and dots. I think it reallu adds to the Christmas candy effect. And you've inspired my hand piecing project for while I am travelling in America for Christmas.

    Hope to visit with you in person soon. Kind regards
    Brenda Smith