Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Christmas is coming...

We're getting in the spirit around here. The floor may be messy, the bedrooms may be cluttered...but signs of Christmas have appeared.

The bannister is decorated with faux (ahem) pine and snowflakes, and the stockings are hung in their traditional place above the winerack. (Hey, that way those heavy stocking holders can't fall off the mantle and conk some little kid on the head...they'll just smash a few wine bottles. And we do move them to the mantle for Christmas Eve.)

The new Christmas Candy quilt is on the couch in the family room, making things look cheery. (Note Bing, Rosemary, and Danny in their traditional places on the mantle in the background.)

And we even got the tree up, very early for us.

Caroline is excited because when she stands on the small step-ladder we have, she can almost put the star on the top of the tree. Well, not really...but it seemed that way to her. She IS growing way too fast.

Geez, these walls look so white! That's my project for 2006, getting these pale walls painted with some color!


  1. So wonderful! I will live vicariously in your decorated house, while mine sits waiting for Dave to get it going.
    I am too busy makin' quilts!

  2. The candy quilt looks fabu tossed across the sofa. Everything looks so pretty!

    I'll just come back and look at your photos all month since I don't think I'm doing to "do" the house for Christmas this year.

  3. The candy quilt looks wonderful draped across the back of the couch, just the right touch.

  4. Lovely and festive, and the quilt is the best. Jen