Sunday, March 26, 2006

Pass the tissues, please...

I seem to have been stricken by the Spring Head Cold so I am feeling as if my head is stuffed with cotton. Roger has just gone off to the store to fetch kleenex, gingerale, and strawberry ice cream, as well as the fixings for his wonderful chicken vegetable soup. So I am in good hands.

You know that workshop project I was fiddling with on EQ5 to design a quilt that sort of disguised a quilt block? Well, I tried all sorts of things and finally decided to simplify my computer design a bit and just sew it, triangles and all. So I got it to this stage:

Yikes, it's bright, huh? I just made the block out of fabric that seemed fun at the time, not intending to branch out into a bigger quilt. I've used every single scrap of that Kaffe Fassett purple bubbles fabric, which I adore.

I might try sewing this all together and adding borders so I can float loose triangles away from the blocks. Caroline looked at this and said, "Oh, I's being nibbled away!" If she gets the idea, then I guess it's heading in the right direction.

Meanwhile, the school science fair last week put Caroline in the mood to experiment. She was intent on making a volcano with flour and water and salt dough.

With water, food coloring, vinegar, and baking soda, we had pink and blue lava:

I suppose a really good mom would have looked up on the internet to explain WHY this vinegar/baking soda thing works, but I just stood there saying "Ooh, how pretty!"


  1. One of my guys suggested adding glitter to the vinegar etc. It really adds drama to the lava!

  2. Hope you feel better soon! I'm loving your class piece. Great idea!!

  3. Hope you're feeling better. That's a very snappy the contrast.

  4. Wow! I'd say it's working! Very vibrant and alive. Hope you feel better soon!

  5. Anonymous4:51 AM

    Ugh....I can relate. Three weeks now from no voice, to crud in chest to crud in head (I'm doing the whole thing backwards). I am SICK of this!! Oh, and avoid the ice cream and go for sherbet. Milk products increase mucus production.

    The quilt is fabulous!! Not too bright! It's great!

    Glad Carolyn is enjoying science and is so curious. My niece (the 2nd year med student) was also one who ignored the idea that girls aren't interested in math or science and look where she is now (Loyola- Stritch Med School after undergrad in Honors-Pre Med at Uni. of Michigan).