Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Sweet Dreams

Yes, my head is still stuffed with cotton. And now my voice is wobbling like an adolescent boy's. What do you bet that by the end of the week I won't have one at all? (A voice, I mean, not a boy...)

And what is on my plate today? Reading and analyzing an insurance policy. Always good when one's head is fuzzy. Oh well... those policies never make sense anyway.

On the mommy front, I scored big points last night. Caroline was restless at bedtime, worrying that she would have nightmares about the health teacher's photos of lungs of heavy smokers. (Now, I'm all for giving kids information about how bad smoking is...but I'm getting tired of the tuesday-night-post-health-teacher-visit anxiety.)

"Wait a minute," I said, and dashed into my studio and rustled around in the fabric stash for a bit. "Ah, here it is..." In Caroline's room, I produced an artfully wrapped cylinder of gauzy fabric, out of which protruded a small spray nozzle.

"This will make sure you don't have nightmares," I said.

"What is it?"

"Dream Freshener," I replied, spritzing some around Caroline's room and over her bed.


"Yep. It clears away the thoughts that cause nightmares and makes sure you sleep well."

"Where'd you get it?" Caroline asked, suspicious but wanting to believe.

"At the grocery have to hunt for it, but it's right near the air fresheners."

Caroline looked skeptical, but as I bent to kiss her goodnight, she murmered, "One more spray of dream freshener over in that corner?"

I sprayed a last spritz toward her desk. And you know, Caroline was sound asleep in minutes, without a peep.

Are you listening, Glade folks?


  1. Diane,
    Love your blog! I'm a "casual" art quilter that trolls by from time to time.
    Years ago, I bought something called "Monster Mist" from an aroma therapy shop. It was mostly water and lavendar but it even made me feel calm! :)


  2. That's a great mommy invention!

    Now about this cold... one word:


    And for the laryngitis.. lemon tea.

  3. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Hi Diane! I'm so happy you ran across my blog. We met at Crafters Workshop, no? Are you in the area or are up upstate?

  4. Anonymous11:06 PM

    I LOVE the dream freshener! We found a dream catcher project in a craft book and since we made it, my son has to sleep with it over his bed.We went to visit his grandmother and he had me make a dream catcher for her house "just in case." I wish I had known about "dream freshener," though, I bet it's a lot easier!

  5. Anonymous3:41 AM

    I love it! I wish I'd known this 4 kids ago, my "baby" is 16 now! I read your blog everyday, I love it! Have you thought of a Podcast? Your are the one who made me go get an Ipod. We have a lot in common, though I'm near Boston. Anyway, thnaks for the smile this morning, I hope you feel better, had that cold last week, I was miserable, Tyenold Cold wokred for me, good luck! Wendy

  6. I expected a picture of this stuff at the bottom of your post. Please?

  7. What a fantastic idea! You have a great imagination.

    When KC was in JR high, they prefaced a presentation on drugs and alcohol by having a cop come out and loudly snap open a body bag before they showed a horrible film about flesh, metal and glass. She was jumpy for days. Which is probably a good thing. I think they want to reach the amygdala portion of kids brains, where emotions like fear are registered. Less forgetting the lesson.

  8. Anonymous4:15 PM

    You are so clever!! I had to buy 4 Dreamcatchers for Joey when he was little. A big one for over the bed, another for the window, one for over the door and one for over the closet door.....Kids....