Friday, July 14, 2006

Gone Fishin'

I am pausing from running around the house in panicked packing mode to tell y'all that I won't be here for the week. We are headed up to Lake Tahoe, for a week with Roger's family at their house there. Should be lovely and peaceful. The smell of the Tahoe pines is SO heavenly. As always prepping to go away is crazy-making, but once I smell that Tahoe smell, my blood pressure sinks to near-catatonic mode and I will be quite happy.

On the way, we are staying over in Grass Valley for a family reunion orchestrated by my mom's sister, my wonderful Auntie Carole. Should make for an interesting Saturday. Caroline is most excited to meet a new, distant 3-year old cousin who is also from China.

I have a hand-piecing project (which should be interesting as I've never done any handpieceing) AND I am taking my sewing machine. Evenings tend to involve a lot of sitting around talking about family stuff -- fun, but I get restless after a few nights of that -- so I figure I can sit at the table in the corner of the room, participate in the chat AND get some sewing done. We'll see how it goes. It could be that the machine never comes out of the case, but at least the option will be there.

Make lots of great stuff while I'm gone, everyone!


  1. Have a good time. I can smell the pines from here!

  2. Gosh, you are going to two of my favorite places. favorite because some of my best friends live there, especially Grass Valley.

    Regarding the painting of fabric--use a lot less water next time. Just dilute enough to get a heavy cream texture. And if you are painting on damp fabric, keep the paint a bit thicker. I wash my fabric and completely dry it. I don't like the spreading the paint does on damp fabric.

  3. Hope you have a great time. And get some hand work done.

  4. You're fabric dying day looked like huge amounts of fun, and the fabric is great!

    I've actually been to Healdsburg, and I have a friend who lives there and quilts, too. Barbara Gruber. Small world. Is that quilt store still on the square downtown?