Friday, July 07, 2006

We're SO popular!

I have not been an efficient blog ring mommy lately. People apply to join the blog ring through Ringsurf, and I get a nice little email telling me someone else has joined the queue. If I have time, I'll go peek at the blog... and when I have a few minutes, I go into Ringsurf and work through the queue to decide "yes," "no," or "wait and see." It's been a while since I've done this, I'm sorry to say.

But I've spent some time with the queue this evening, and that means there are several new blogs in the ring. Welcome, Noobles! (This is my own coined word for New Blogs.)

But I thought you would want to know of a major development in the art quilt world.

Here it is: art quilting is apparently so popular that the big drug companies and telephone companies are getting into the act! Really! And they are getting involved with blogging AND they are applying to join our ring!

Why, just tonight, I was greeted with applications to join the ring from "Free Ringtones!," "T Mobile Ringtones," "Buy Didrex," "Phentermine," "Elavil," "Xenical," "Hydrocodone," "Xanax," "Cheap Fioricet" and "Ambien." I regret to say that the quality of their quilting art isn't up to our standards here, so I was forced to reject them.

I did email Cheap Fioricet to tell her that I think she is undervaluing herself and she should probably seek out counseling (and medication) for her self-esteem issues.

Anyway, if you want to check out the Noobles, hit the "previous" button from the link on my blog page. (up the right, UP THERE) That'll take you backwards around the ring, newest to oldest. I mean, most senior. I mean, earliest applicants. Yeah. That's it.


  1. Anonymous9:07 AM

    YOU are a funny woman!

  2. I knew there was something on my to-do list today that I hadn't done yet!!

  3. Wow all those new quilters LOL. SO glad they're joining in the fun. What a pain in the you know where. Hmmm.