Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Colorist

This gorgeous quilt is "Full Circle" by Rebecca Rohrkaste.

Rebecca was the speaker at my quilt guild meeting today. I was SO glad I managed to make it to the meeting. I'd not been in months, due to work and other obligations, so it was especially nice to return and see friends AND be inspired by the quilts of this amazing quilter.

Rebecca is from Berkeley, and I know her quilts as ones that inevitably draw my excited gasps at area quilt shows. Recently, a local paper did an article about her, which you can read here.

She calls herself a "colorist," and looking at her quilts shows why. She really excels at taking the simplest geometric shapes and using her amazing color and pattern choices to create exciting results. I wish I could show you more of her quilts, but she doesn't have a website. You can scroll down on this blog to see one of her pieces in progress.

She's doing a workshop for the guild tomorrow, in free-cut circles a la Keiko Goke. I'm throwing my work aside for the day (which means that's what I'm doing tonight) to take it. Should be fun, and maybe I'll absorb some of her wonderful color sense.


  1. I've always been drawn to her work, first saw a story in QNM (?) several years ago with quilts that made me want to do that too. Her use of color is breathtaking

  2. Wow! Can't wait to see what you do!

  3. Rebecca's quilt is exhilarating!

  4. That's a cool quilt, and you're right, her use of color's fantastic.