Thursday, August 31, 2006

Off to the show

In past years, Labor Day weekend has meant one fun event: the Marin quilt show. This show has traditionally been put on by a quilt guild in the city of Marin, and it's been a very high-quality, juried show. After last year's show, however, the guild opted to disband (amid a flurry of rumors as to why) and everyone feared that the traditional Labor Day weekend would be barren of quilt shows.

Well, a commercial show organization stepped in, the PCM Expo folks, and are using the time slot and Marin Convention Center venue for a Sew, Quilt and Embroidery show. They run these shows all over (all over California, anyway, and maybe in other states, too...I'm not sure) but Marin is a first for them. I've been to a bunch, as my sister Laura often has a booth to sell her needlework designs there and I usually work a day of each of her shows. She called a while ago to tell me that even though this isn't a traditional "quilt show" -- more a vender show with some quilts exhibited, it looks like it'll be quite good and there are lots of fabric vendors.

I'm going down to work in her booth tomorrow, and as she's decided to get a hotel room down there (an hour away) just to make her weekend more enjoyable, I'll probably stay over with her tomorrow night so we can go out to dinner. Should be very fun!

So, if you're in the vicinity of the Marin Convention Center, stop on by! Come by and see me at Laura J. Perin Designs. I'll be sitting and stitching, or helping customers, or if it's quiet I'll be poking through the quilt books in the booth next to her. I think she's right up front, in Slot #102. (And if you're there on Saturday or Sunday, when I won't be, stop in anyway to say hi to Laura and tell her you read about the show here!)

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