Monday, September 04, 2006

Art Quilt University, right here!

Feeling down because you can’t spend weeks with Nancy Crow in her barn, attend Art Quilt Tahoe, or cruise the Mediterranean with a boat-load of quilters?

Never mind. You have the Artful Quilters Blog Ring at your disposal! And, thanks to the talent and generosity of various ring members, we have our own workshop series right here. Through the wonder of the internet, these wonderful artists appear in your own home and show you how they do what they do. And, what’s more, you can participate while wearing your comfiest jammies, at midnight or with toddlers watching Sesame Street on the other side of the room.

I’ll try to add to this list as I learn of new tutorials posted by blog members–and I hope you’ll email me with additions as you find them. I’m sure there are others on blogs that I’ve forgotten or never found in the first place. But here’s a starting point for a lot of artistic exploration. Thanks to all of the very generous artists who continue to share their processes with all of us!

Design Process
It's Only a Leaf slideshow with Pam RuBert
The Weaver with Terry Grant
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Fabric Coloring

Fabric Dying
with Melody Johnson ("The Lazy Dyer")
more with Melody Johnson (dye colors)
Dying Gradations
with Tommy Fitzsimmons
Fabric Painting
with Sonji Hunt
more with Sonji Hunt
with Alma Stoller
Fabric Printing
Tips from Diane Rusin Doran

Finishing Techniques

Basting a Quilt Top with Lisa Call
Escape Hatch Finish with Melody Johnson
Grommetization with Sonji Hunt


With Melody Johnson
more with Melody Johnson
Fusing Components
with Pam RuBert
Fusing with Liquifuse
with Terry Grant
Fusing the quilt top
with Melody Johnson


Assembly line small quilts with Deborah Boschert
Fabric Postcards with Deb Richardson
Oddball Charms and Beads with Alma Stoller
Tracing a Photograph with Electric Quilt 5 with Jan T.

Sewing Stuff

Block Construction
with Tommy Fitzsimmons
Random Sewing
with Alma Stoller
Cool Handbags
The Square Bag with Kristin LaFlamme
SuBe Sac "The Sweet Bag" with Kristin LaFlamme


Creating a Blog Banner
with Brenda Smith


  1. Hi Diane,
    What a great idea to list all the tutorials and instructional posts. I'm proud to be included in your list.

    One small correction--and that is my name--spelling is Terry, not Terri. Not a big deal, as everyone seems to want to spell it that way, and I usually don't even correct them, but for purposes of search engines, etc, it would be better to have it consistent.


  2. Oh great, just what I needed. I flick onto your blog just for a three minute break in-between other work related computer activities and what do you do but give me a load of distractions..... :) :) :)
    Fantastic - clients can wait. I'm off learning!

  3. Thank you for the Blog University. I learned so many things. Maybe we'll have more tutorials in the future.

    Come on everyone out there ..... make one!

  4. Thanks Diane, cool list!

  5. Nice of you to put together a list of these links. surprised to see my blog here though! I didn't think of myself as the educational type.

  6. What a brilliant , inspirational list! Definitely added to my favourites! :o)
    Thank you!