Monday, November 19, 2007

Cutting and pasting

Life has been mostly about work and family and household stuff lately. In a good way, mostly. But I had a nice break the other afternoon when my sister stopped by for a short visit and to let our dogs romp together. From time to time, we like to sit and tear stuff out of magazines and add to our notebooks, so that's what I was doing while she organized another project.

Now, I know a lot of people who keep notebooks... And a lot of them keep them beautifully organized... by color, by artistic element (line, shape, etc), or in some other thematic way.

Me, I decided early on that I'd be paralyzed if I got hung up on organization. So, my one rule in my books is that I do NOT organize. I put things in page after page, gluing things in where there is space. I don't try to make things pretty or elegant. I just smack something down there there is space. Like so:

And what do I collect? Anything that catches my fancy, for whatever reason. Or no reason.

The funny thing is that as I look back through the books I've finished, I DO see themes and a definite aesthetic.

I get a lot of inspiration from these books. And I get a lot of enjoyment from the process, too.


  1. Smart. I'd get paralyzed by the "how to organize" thing too. You've inspired me to get going on this!

  2. Oh say it isn't so....if I had to organize my sketch books/journals that is all that would get done between now and "the big sleep." Your notebooks are much more inspiring because we can see your vision clearly. Don't you dare change...VBG.

  3. Great idea - I may just follow suit. I am not organized - at least not in that kind of a way - even my recipe book is a jumble. A friend has her's tabbed and indexed I use a saftey pin to make the ones I want to find again quickly!

  4. You mean you are organised enough to actually stick your stuff in a book?? :)

  5. I stick my inspiration photos in a file folder. I like the book idea much better. Oh my, I feel another project coming on.