Thursday, November 01, 2007

You're the Cream in my Coffee...

November 1 is the designated finish date for another challenge group I'm in with some local fiber art friends. We just started our group and this is our first challenge, and the theme was "Coffee and Cream." Thinking of this theme gets me humming "You're the Cream in my Coffee" and brings me back to childhood memories of singing along with Mitch.

I actually spent a lot of time on another piece which is, as I write this, at the bottom of my garbage can. Nothing turned out the way I wanted it to on that piece, so I scrapped it and started again. I'm much happier with this piece. It's 9x12", by the way.

I couldn't stop thinking about the hypnotically beautiful way cream swirls into coffee. So, that's what inspired my response to this challenge.

I fused pieces, then over-quilted by machine. Here's a detail shot:


  1. Anonymous9:19 AM

    I remember the other attempt, and although it definitely had potential, I'm really liking this. The fact that it's abstract and yet completely recognizable works so well for me. Hmmm, off to go brew a cup.

  2. Go to Google and type in 'latte art' click on images. Wow! My barista does trees and hearts on her lattes.

  3. Anonymous5:08 PM

    I love the hearts the baristas make in a cappucino. This is great. Oh, it could be hot chocolate and cream for our next challenge.

  4. Anonymous6:25 PM

    I love this! Perhaps you can sew a little coffee in the binding for a scented quilt!

  5. This reminded me of my mother. She loved the way cream decorated her coffee. She would call me over and point to her cup saying, "Isn't this beautiful."
    I'd forgotten how much she loved the designs until I saw your little quilt. Thank you.