Sunday, February 03, 2008

A Day on Animal Planet

This was the view from my windshield as we arrived at the ranch to visit Caroline's step-horses (you know, the two beautiful horses Caroline has been given permission to visit and ride and treat as if they are her own). It was clear when we left our house, but we encountered quite a downpour when we arrived.

Pygmy goats don't come out in the rain, but they're still curious.

And, as usual, there were kitties huddled everywhere, staying dry.

Eventually the rain stopped, so Caroline got in a bit of horse loving and grooming.

From there, we went to my sister Laura's for the late afternoon and evening, leaving Roger to watch the Superbowl in peace. But we had a better time: watching Animal Planet's Puppybowl! If you have never seen this, you must follow the link and click on the video to watch some of the puppy highlights. Basically, they show puppies tumbling around a tiny football field space, romping and biting and stumbling all over themselves. It was wonderfully entertaining, and the half-time kitten extravaganza was hilarious, too.

C'mon, what can possibly be as cheering as watching puppies romp and kittens play?

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  1. Anonymous6:57 AM

    Diane -- I watched pieces and parts of the puppy bowl during the commercials of the super bowl. Darn, I missed the kittens. The puppy I remember most was Abigail, the JRT. She was so energetic. I remember a few years back, we were thinking of getting a JRT and mentioned it to our vet. She told us it probably wasn't the breed for us -- she was right!