Saturday, February 23, 2008

Pink on a Grey Day

It's a very grey and rainy day here today, so I thought I'd cheer myself up with a few shots of blooms on my favorite camellia bush in the backyard.

Because, you know, sometimes I just need a good dose of PINK.

I feel better already.


  1. Beautiful!!! Thank you for giving us all a little pink today. Seems like winter is dragging on here in the Midwest, so it willb e nice to eventually see blooms and flowers again.

  2. I love pink flowers and the ones you have shown us are so beautiful. I will have to wait for peonies for my shot of pink in my garden.

  3. Anonymous4:41 AM

    Ahhhhh! We've had a mini-heatwave and everything is DEAD BROWN - your pink blooms are refreshing!

  4. What amazing photographs ! Outstanding !

  5. thank you THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Now I simply must order some camellias for my garden. O how I love living in zone 7.

    Your fotos are superb. More please.