Friday, August 15, 2008


I'm continuing to enjoy experimenting with my Nikon D80 camera, and I'm having great fun (and learning a lot) posting and viewing pictures on One of my favorite things there is a group called "7 Days of Shooting". It's a photography challenge group, essentially -- different themes every week, and different aspects of shooting that theme every day. You can post pictures that suit the day's assignment as you choose. It's a great motivator to get out and shoot pictures of things you wouldn't (well, I wouldn't, anyway) think to photograph. And with all challenges like this, it's totally fun and fascinating to see how other people interpret the theme.

I took this picture (a view out a side window in our bedroom) for the theme "Between," when the daily task was black and white. It's my take on the theme because there isn't a lot of space between the houses in our development, and this picture exaggerates that even more.

And today I learned that my picture was selected to be featured in the 7DOS blog. A thrilling recognition for a beginning photographer like me!


  1. congrats! It is a wonderful picture

  2. I love this picture and I have always been partial to black and white photos. You have a good eye.

  3. That's a beautiful photograph, it's very striking. The second I saw it, I felt placed. There is something about black and white photos.....
    I agree with Rayna, you do have a good eye...and a student? Keep it up! I'd love to see some more.