Saturday, February 21, 2009

A dose of pinkness

I'm ready for spring! Our little flowering plum tree has started to bloom, and it has put me in a seriously PINK mood. You've seen me go through this before, I know. But what can I say -- sometimes I just need a serious dose of pink.

So, in celebration of spring (and because I'm sick of the other UFOs currently pending) I started a new project. Last October I fell in love with some beautiful, large-scale floral prints and bought a batch of them --- so I've started on a pieced quilt using lots of pinks and greens and aquas, with flowery prints. I'm making Pauline Smith's "Blooms Quilt" out of the Kaffe Fassett book "Country Garden Quilts" - it's easy piecing, quite calming and enjoyable.

And, for the ultimate enjoyment, my friend Pat came over today and brought her machine and we sat in the kitchen, sewing and chatting for much of the day. It was so nice to catch up and just talk and sew and talk and sew -- with dark chocolate snacking to keep us going, too! We both marvelled at how pleasant it is to sew with a friend and how well worth it it is to go to the trouble of hauling the machine out of the house.

Tomorrow we are supposed to get 3 inches of rain ... but I will be brave and head out to my Practical Design workshop, which I've not been able to attend lately. I'm looking forward to the inspiration.

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  1. Talking and sewing and talking and sewing and pink sound like the perfect tonic!