Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Dear Fabric Store,

You haven't seen me in a while, I know. It's been far too long since I've visited, and many is the time I've been tempted to give in to my longings and cross your threshold.

I miss fondling your soft cottons, running my hands over luxurious fabrics flowing from bolt after bolt. I miss gazing at the array of vivid colors laid out on your shelves. I miss the anticipation of the hunt for new bolts of fabric peeking coyly out from behind familiar friends. I miss the gentle dance the book rack and I do together, as the books twirl their colorful covers past to tempt me. I miss scanning the neatly arranged notions for shiny new gadgets, and running my eyes over the lush piles of hand-dyed fabrics and threads.

Yes, I'm longing to see you. But I dare not place myself in your presence.

You know all too well that I have made commitments to others. During our past dalliances, I have succumbed to your temptations. Under your spell, I have purchased yards of fabric, piles of fat quarters, spool upon spool of finely-woven threads. I have drawers filled with the gadgets you've so cleverly promised will improve my life.

I am only one woman. I have only so much time, energy and money to devote to your wares -- and I have over-committed my loyalties to the investments I have made in our past encounters. I must pay some attention to the offspring of our encounters, so to speak, before I can in good conscience return to you for more.

I weep for the distance between us. But know that you are ever in my thoughts, and that I will be dreaming of the day when I can once again surround myself with the warmth of your fiber-filled embrace. In the meantime, please understand that I must devote myself to the closets-full of materials you have already bestowed on me. In short, my stash is full and my pockets are empty.

But I do not love you any less, but I will not be jealous. May you stay well, and be comforted by the company of others.

With fond fabric memories,


  1. Oh for goodness sake woman. Go to the shop. Consumate your relationship, bring the stuff home and I will happily relieve you of as much of your stash as you feel is too much when I come in November!

  2. All I can say is "hahahahahahaha!"

  3. Yer killin me!

  4. That is one of the sweetest love letters i've ever read. I can so envision you dancing with the book rack.

    Now get to work so you can see your lover again soon!