Monday, March 02, 2009


"Small things amuse small minds," my mother used to joke when one of us kids would become absorbed by something silly. I think of this saying often, especially because I'm often entertained by goofy little things.

Helen turned me on to something that amuses the heck out of me -- and at the risk of demonstrating how easily amused I am, I'm spreading it here. It's one of those Google games. You search the phrase "Unfortunately [insert your name]" and then read the results for general hilarity.

Here are a few of the ones that got me grinning:

Unfortunately, Diane is no longer breeding

Unfortunately Diane didn’t have the strength to take on a troubled teenager

Unfortunately, Diane can only offer this service for brides who have booked a couture gown with her

Unfortunately, Diane (The Cake Lady), has retired.

Unfortunately, Diane could not easily use the new gadgets

Unfortunately, Diane had an accident while away last week and will be convalescing for at least a month

Unfortunately, Diane had to take a break from teaching because of the devastating effects of a rare and incurable blood disease.

Unfortunately, Diane who is estimated to be 13 years of age, was found in lower Manhattan with a severely arthritic wing

Unfortunately, Diane isn't a credible character

Yeah, I know. Easily amused. But I'll bet you're headed off to Google now to see how YOUR name comes up...


  1. Unfortunately, Kristin doesn't get capped very often.

    Phew, it's a good thing too.

  2. "Unfortunately Terry offers few hostages to Thog and the best I can manage is an anatomical slip-up in Lords and Ladies: 'The bat burped."

    What the ...??

  3. Unfortunately, Terri did not show up until an hour and a half later, due to the large number of other wedding guests getting their hair done, ...

  4. "Unfortunately, Cleo became very picky about her wet food ..."

    Words to live by.

  5. Ack! There is/was some overweight "Mandi" on The Biggest Loser and there's all kinds of statements about her and her lack of weightloss! I'm not going to play that game again. LOL

  6. Unfortunately, Celine is one of the biggest technophobes. She hardly knows how to turn on a computer, so she doesn't have e-mail.!