Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Little Things

I can't seem to stop taking pictures of the fruit trees that are blooming around our neighborhood. I'm in love with the soft billows of white and pink I see see from afar, with the delicate fragrance of spring flowers as I stand under a blossoming tree, with the gentle buzz of the bees dancing among the blossoms, with the drifts of petals that have floated on the breeze to the ground below.

But most of all, I love looking at each individual blossom. They're so small, yet so different. Some are ruffly and jaunty, some are perfectly formed and upright, some droop or have petals flopping... But they're all little masterpieces, and when I get up close with my macro lens, I lose myself.

I suppose it's no accident that focusing on one tiny flower provides a bit of mental rest. Isn't there some Zen saying that applies here?! Most days I'm adrift in a sea of small details -- household stuff, and what homework Caroline has due this week, and what phone calls need to be made, and bits of clutter that accumulate around the house whenever I turn my back. Perhaps it's a lesson -- take one detail at a time, focus on it up close, take care of it, and then move to the next detail.

Take life one blossom at a time. Perhaps I've coined a t-shirt. :-)


  1. What a beautiful photo! Would you mind if I made a color palette from it?

  2. I'd love to see what color palette you'd make with this, Vicki! Go ahead!

  3. Today I would be the one that has petals flopping. (OMG I am too old to be this pregnant, lol.)

    Beautiful photo. Have you written any poetry? This post is very poetic and lovely.

  4. Hello, that is a darling little photo. Nature always says it best .This flower says sweet! Pam in Chico

  5. Lovely picture Diane!

  6. Beautiful photo, Diane...made me sigh, as we're just coming into autumn and it's foggy and dull here at the moment. Sunshine trying to break through and then it will be hot, hot, hot. Just no pleasing me!

    How about a book recommendation: Consequences, by Penelope Lively. Three generations of one family in Britain, beginning just before WWII, a lovely musing on family. Highly recommended!