Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Civics 101

So, how'd you do on the Civics quiz?!

Here are the answers, in case you were wondering:

1. What are the three branches of the US government? Legislative, judicial, executive

2. What are two requirements to be president? Age 35, born on American soil

3. Which house of Congress can propose bills to impose taxes? House of Representatives

4. Name 4 rights guaranteed by the 1st Amendment. Freedom of speech, assembly, religion, and press.

5. Which amendment gives you the right not to be searched without a warrant? 4th Amendment

6. Which amendment protects your right to own a gun? Second.

7. Which amendment provides that you cannot be tried twice for the same crime? Fifth

8. What is required to override a presidential veto of a bill? 2/3 vote of both houses of Congress

9. Can you name your two senators? You can find yours here.

10. How many members are in the House of Representatives? 435

11. Which two amendments granted voting rights to groups who had not been able to vote, and what are the groups? 14th (blacks) and 19th (women)

12. Which amendment outlawed slavery? 13th

13. What are 3 things that the states may regulate, and the federal government may not? Schools, private property, marriage

14. How many people are there in the President's cabinet? How many of the positions can you name (by job title)? 15 not counting the Vice President; Examples are secretaries of housing and urban development, defense, education, health and human services, attorney general...

15. How old do you need to be to be a senator? 30

16. How old do you need to be to be a member of the House of Representatives? 25

17. The legislative branch is empowered to impeach the president. What is the House's role, and what is the Senate's role? The House votes whether to impeach and the Senate hears the impeachment trial.

18. Which branch of government ratifies treaties with other countries? Legislative (Senate)

19. Which branch of government has the power to pardon convicted criminals? Executive

20. What is the 16th amendment? Income tax

Now, don't you feel informed and patriotic?!

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  1. Yes, I do! Thanks. As an aside to point 18, who Oks going to war? Hint: POTUS doesn't make the call all by him/herself, and the military only does what it's told.