Monday, April 20, 2009

One of the BIG questions of life

At our ranch retreat, we presented the quilts from our Second Annual Quilt Challenge. Last
April, a couple of intrepid fabric shoppers selected two different fabrics, and our challenge was to make something -- anything -- using some of each fabric.

Once again, I decided to make a quilt commemorating an aspect of the retreat that is meaningful to me. I thought about how we all get talking while we sew, and how we discuss all sorts of things -- our hopes, our dreams, our families, our failures, our marriages, our kids ... we can cover a lot of pretty personal territory.

So, my challenge quilt commemorated one of the intimate issues that absorbed us during the April '08 retreat:

"Over or Under."

(And don't tell me that at some time or another you haven't discussed this burning issue with someone...)

You can see a slideshow (once again, courtesy of Angie) of all of the challenge quilts here. There is a wonderful assortment!

Challenge Quilts April 2009


  1. Definitely "over!" And the one time I accidentally mounted one "under," my husband actually noticed and asked if I was feeling OK.

  2. Another vote for over.

    Stunning view... equally stunning quilts!

  3. Very clever, and I agree that it is vital that we express these important life questions in our work!

  4. Anonymous6:02 AM

    OVER! Love that quilt!!! :-)

  5. Yes, another vote for "over".

  6. Over. Always over. That way I can fold the end into a tidy, little triangle before the guests come over.

  7. I love challenge quilts because, using some of the same fabrics, quilters come up with such unique designs/quilts. thanks for sharing.

  8. Hi there fellow blogsite... this tissue question in a quilt... beats all I've ever seen... tooooo cuteeee...

    friendly quilter..
    bev Kirk

  9. Great quilt Diane! Over, of course!