Wednesday, June 16, 2010

All directions at once

I'm working on a list of things I'd like to get done, and I seem to be scattered in all directions, working on a bunch of different things at once.

But I thought I'd show you a fun project I ticked off the list.  For my City and Guilds course, I was required to make two box forms and decorate them -- one with lines and one with shapes.  I had a good time painting the papers and developing the patterning.  For the linear one, we were required to use wrapped string as the basis for the pattern -- a very interesting way of developing pattern and not one I'd have thought to use on my own.

There is something so pleasing about the chinese take-out carton shape, isn't there?  I love these little boxes so it was easy for me to choose this as the box shape to work on.  When I was creating the template and making these boxes, I was reminded that the very first time I ever took a watercolor painting class, the very first assignment was to draw and paint a chinese take out carton.  It was all about the shading, working with those angles and planes. 

It's still a pleasing form to me and I'm happy with how they turned out.  Gee, another place to store ribbon bits and empty spools and things!


  1. I just love the one with the black lines. What a fun project.

  2. They are beautiful

  3. I love these. I am a total sucker for boxes and containers of all kinds.

  4. ooh, the first one looks stamped!
    It's lovely. I love paper boxes of all shapes and sizes.

  5. I got the plastic templates to cut out 3 different sizes of those. Had lots of fun, and got carried away with how many I made. Tried to sell them, but people didn't want to spend money on them, no matter how cute they were.... So no more for me... I have plenty!

  6. Lovely boxes. I enjoyed making mine too and I have to agree with Terry - you can never have enough!