Sunday, June 27, 2010

Self-portrait, with nap

Today was my Practical Design workshop, a monthly workshop that never fails to teach and inspire me.  Today, we showed the work we'd done on our year-long series, and then for the second half, we played with making quick collages.

We were told to do a 15-minute self-portrait -- or really, a portrait of us at the moment somehow -- and this is what resulted.  Go figure.  But it was fun.

On a totally unrelated note, I read this quote recently from Annie Lamott (said when giving a graduation speech): ""On my  last day on earth, I want to have taken a short nap and had dessert.  Since I don't know which day is my last, I can't take any chances."


  1. That is a great quote!! Sound advice for all of us. The elements of your collage - the arrangement, shapes, colors and textures work well together. I like the fact that instead of being placed up against each other the elements are separated and the gray background enhances the colors nicely.

  2. Everything that comes out of Anne Lamott's mouth and pen is genius. I love your portrait -- so much detail and meaning.