Sunday, December 19, 2010

Conquering My Fear of Embroidery

Although I got my Bernina 830 at the end of this past summer, I have been extremely intimidated by the embroidery part of it.  I've never used an embroidery machine before, and it all seemed so complicated.  It requires a special needle, special thread, and special stabilizers, after all.

But I've been reading the manual and perusing all sorts of internet sites for tips and lessons, and today I decided to try my first design.  And look! It worked!

This was just a test, trying basic settings on white cotton.  Now I can embroider this everywhere!  Note the irony: California girl embroidering Let it Snow" while my friends in far flung places are bemoaning the piles of snow in their yards.

But hey, I'm happy.  And it was easy, once I got all the supplies.  I just sat there watching it embroider away -- my husband and daughter came into the office to watch a bit, too.  Gosh, what shall I embroider now?


  1. I think a bowling shirt with pins and a ball on the back and the name "Roxy" over the pocket on the front. Why? Well, because you can, I guess! Besides I always wanted one of those bowling shirts, even though I don't bowl.

  2. Beware, machine embroidery can be as addictive as quilting. ;-)

  3. I love Terry's suggestion! It should be a pink and black shirt too. :-)

    I've got an idea which needs about 500 embroidered stars -- wanna practice on those?