Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Just because Christmas is over doesn't mean the crafts have to stop...

It happens every year.  A few days before Christmas, I stumble onto some delightful hand-crafted item and I suddenly wish I had a lot more time to enjoy the process of making more gifts and decorations.  Of course, by that time it's far too late to start any new projects (which, at times hasn't stopped me -- just this year I made four gifts after December 21st that I hadn't planned on making but couldn't resist).  And every year I vow that I'll spend some time in January having fun with some new crafty projects.

Here are a few of the things I'd like to try before next Christmas:

This felted ball garland, courtesy of Liz at "Say YES! to Hoboken" (and yes, she shows how to make the felted balls themselves).

Felt snowflake pillows, with tutorial by Anna at Noodlehead

NOEL Wall art, thanks to Jessica at Craftily Ever After -- perfect for my font/letter/type obsession.

Ribbon Christmas trees (to add to my Christmast tree collection), from Jamie at Whipperberry.

This elegant coffee filter wreath, from The Nesting Place.

And this paper leaf wreath, courtesy of  FineCraftGuild.com.  Because we all need more than one wreath!

These cupcake paper carnations, for gift wrapping decorations, courtesy of Martha Stewart.

Gosh.  I'd better get busy!


  1. I like that felted ball garland. I have a bunch of random roving -- maybe that would be a good use for it. When I first looked at those ribbon trees I thought they were made out of zippers (zipper craft is hot now). I still think they'd be cool made out of zipper bits -- built in bling!

  2. I love those Christmas trees!! Thanks for sharing all these great links ;)

  3. ooh! I have to make the paper leaf wreath. I not only have a font obsession, but a paper obsession as well.