Sunday, May 01, 2011

Happy May Day!

It is May 1st!  There are so many things I could be doing today.  Setting up a May pole, decking the patio in ribbons and decorations, having a May Day luncheon.  Basking in the beautiful sunshine outside, enjoying the flowers blooming in the garden -- well, okay, enjoying the THOUGHT of flowers that WILL be blooming as soon as I weed and sort out the mangy flowerbeds and pull all of those weeds... Or I could do a burst of spring cleaning, clearing out the old clutter to make things organized and tidy.

Yep, I could do those things today.  But I won't.  Instead, I'm packing up my sewing gear to head over to Bishop's Ranch this afternoon for our 2011 spring retreat.  And (although I'll be home to sleep in my own comfy bed each night), I'll be escaping to the retreat for most of the week.

So there is much fun, laughter, activity, production, and good food ahead.  What better way to celebrate spring?!  I'll see you next weekend!  Hope you celebrate May's arrival in with your own fun adventure!

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  1. sounds like the absolutely perfect way to celebrate May - have a wonderful week of sewing!